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American Sign Language Resources

Free online ASL Lessons
Dr. Bill Vicars' ASLU: lifeprint.com

Bob Lenderman's Free ASL Lessons

Gallaudet University ASL Connect

Online ASL video dictionaries
General vocabulary:

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Academic vocabulary:
        Embe Outreach

Religious vocabulary:
DeafJesus.org  (LCMS)
Deaf Missions (Council Bluffs, Iowa)    

Stories, Scripture, and Devotions
DeafJesus.org  (LCMS)
Lutheran Friends of the Deaf (Mill Neck, NY)
Deaf Missions (Council Bluffs, Iowa)

Deaf Video (Carol Stream, Illinois)
DeafBibles.com (DOOR International)
www.bible.is/ASL  (mobile apps)

Books, Dictionaries
The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing by Butterworth & Flodin
Concordia Publishing House Signed Bible story books & DVDs for children

DC Area ASL classes

Deaf Culture and ASL Linguistics
Michele Wheat's Learning American Sign Language  (Thanks to Garrett Boyd for this link.)
Maryville University ASL resources
(Thanks to Skylar Gray for this link)
ASL history Wordtips and How Stuff Works
Wise Old Sayings ASL Resource Guide
David Bar-Tzur's The Interpreter's Friend