Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf
Silver Spring, Maryland

Responding to Temptation

Part 1 #1.  Avoid places, people, and things that tempt you.
Part 2 #2.  When you are tempted, remember what the Bible says about that sin.
Part 3 #3.  Flee!
Part 4 #4.  Recognized that temptation is a hook baited with a lie.
#5.  Remember that sin always has consequences.
Part 5 #6.  Recognize the danger of the "second look."
Part 6 #7.  When temptation hits, pray, "Lord, show me Your way of escape!"
Part 7 #8.  Picture in your mind Christ suffering on the cross for that specific sin which tempts you.
Part 8#9.  Find an accountability partner with whom you can confess your sin and receive forgiveness.

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