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Intro The Baptism of Our Lord
Significance of John's baptism
        - as it applies to Jesus
        - and what that means for us.
#1 What is Baptism?  Why Baptize?
    Christ's command & promise
    Is baptism symbolic or effective?
    Is baptism an ordinance or a sacrament?
    Is baptism necessary for salvation?
#2 Baptize Who and When?
    Can babies believe?
    What is "saving faith"?
    What is the "age of accountability"?
#3 Baptize How?
    Immersion vs sprinkling?
    How much water is necessary for baptism?
    How can water do such great things?
    Who can administer baptism?
#4 Does Baptism Really Work?
    Why do many who were baptized as infants fall away?
    Does baptism offer "eternal security?"
    Martin Luther's defense of infant baptism
    Responsibilities of "godparents"
#5 After Baptism, Then What?
    Is baptism just a "ticket to heaven"?
    Daily dying to sin & rising in Christ
    What is the "Little Exorcism"?

Martin Luther's Small Catechism: Baptism
Martin Luther's Large Catechism: Baptism

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