Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf
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Lessons from the life of Daniel

#1. Daniel -- Who?  Where?  When?  Why?  (Daniel 1) 

#2. The First Test  Commitment & Integrity -- no matter the cost (Daniel 1)

#3. Knowledge vs. Wisdom  (Daniel 1)

#4. The King's First Dream  (Daniel 2)

#5. A Hot Spot for Faith  The ultimate test for Daniel's three friends (Daniel 3)

#6. The King's Second Dream  Three strikes and you're... in serious trouble! (Daniel 4)

#7. Weighed on the Balance   The handwriting on the wall (Daniel 5)

#8. Lunch for Lions  (Daniel 6)

#9. A Little View of the Big Picture  Daniel's prayer life, part 1 (Daniel 9)

#10. The Invisible Battle  Daniel's prayer life, part 2 (Daniel 10)

DanielNotes.doc  Service & Bulletin notes; a signable version of the readings from Daniel (68K)