Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf
Silver Spring, Maryland

Becoming Jesus' Disciple

Part 1 Disciples of Jesus are totally committed to Him.
Part 2 Disciples of Jesus are attentive to Jesus and His Word.
Part 3 Disciples of Jesus seek people who are lost, introduce them to Jesus, and help them become His disciples.
Part 4 Disciples of Jesus accept suffering for Him.
Part 5 Disciples of Jesus "travel light" and trust Him for their daily needs.
Part 6Disciples of Jesus aim for moral purity in their personal lives.
Part 7Disciples of Jesus love and serve other people in need.
Part 8Disciples of Jesus seek His leading in their daily lives and pray daily to be filled with His Holy Spirit.
Part 9Disciples of Jesus stay focused on the task.
Part 10Disciples of Jesus give all credit to Him.

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