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The Apostles' Creed (video)

The Nicene Creed

The Story Behind the Nicene Creed (video and text)
The Athanasian Creed (video and text)

The story behind the Athanasian Creed (video and text)

Who was Athanasius? (video)

The Bible teaches one God, three Persons (video)

The Lord's Prayer (video)

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Christ/Deaf archive

Old Testament
Old Testament History Map (3-minute video) -- Trace the history of the Old Testament on a map of the Middle East.

Old Testament Timeline - a chronology from Abraham to the birth of Jesus.   You can print this and keep it in back of your Bible.  The Timeline of Israel's Divided Kingdom is especially helpful in keeping track of concurrent kings and prophets.  Also view a map comparing Bible lands in Old Testament times and today.

Genesis 3 - What our Sunday School teachers never taught us about Adam & Eve.

The Song of Solomon -- A married couple's hunting guide.

Lessons from the life of David

Lessons from the life of Jeremiah

Lessons from the life of Daniel

New Testament
The Parables of Jesus

"Prove it!"  Five-part series examining evidence for (1) the divinity of Christ, (2) the resurrection of Christ, and (3) reliability of the New Testament manuscripts.

Christmas Predictions A brief study of the "will" statements in Advent and Christmas texts (Matthew 1, Luke 1 & 2)

The Brothers of Jesus

Mark 5 - Those of us in deaf ministry are very familiar with the story of the Deaf man in Mark 7.  But there is a strange story behind that story, which begins in Mark 5.

Mark 7 - Worship resources commemorating Deaf ministry when the Gospel lesson is Mark 7:31-37 (Revised Common Lectionary series B, Proper 18)

The Armor of God -- an eight part study on the Christian's basic equipment, as listed in Ephesians 6:10-20.

Letters to Seven Churches   A study in Revelation 2 & 3.

What did Paul REALLY think about women?  -  A study of the apostle Paul and his interactions with women, prepared by Georganne Friedrich for the Potomac Zone LWML. (PDF format)

Both Old Testament & New Testament

50 Old Testament Prophecies of the coming of Christ.

Christ and the Passover  

Heroes of Faith - sermon series by Rev. Don Zuhn about 15 faith heroes listed in Hebrews 11.

Great Unknown People of the Bible -  An 11-part expository sermon series on little-known folks, like Barnabas, Apollos, Eunice, Titus, Ebed-Melech, several others.

Children of the Bible 

Women of the Bible  

Our Jewish Roots  - This series of study helps us better understand the Christian's Jewish heritage by looking at Old Testament covenants and Jewish holidays as they were originally established in Scripture, as the holidays are celebrated now, and as the holidays are fulfilled in Christ Jesus  (15 lessons).  Also see articles on Our Jewish Roots in the newsletter archive.

Sharing Jesus  This is a demonstration of a simple graphic you can draw to explain to non-Christian friends what Jesus has done for them.  (See also our faith sharing resource page.)

What is a Lutheran?  How are Lutherans similar to other Christians?  How are they different? 
Baptism  -- What the Bible teaches about baptism.  
            Baptize who? ...when?  ...how?  ...why?  ...then what?

Lord's Supper -- What the Bible teaches about the Lord's Supper.
Do bread and wine really become Christ's body and blood?  Or is the Lord's Supper only symbolism?  
Who should & shouldn't receive the Lord's Supper?  Why?  What is the union in communion?

Responding to temptation  Do habitual sins drag you down?  Here are some ways God gives us to help us get free.

Spiritual Gifts -- Twelve part series on Gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.

Left Behind  What does the Bible say about the return of Christ and the "Rapture?"

Angels   Who are these special messengers of God?  There are a lot of books published these days which talk about angels from a pagan, "New Age" bias.  But what does the Bible say?  This document is a complete list of Bible verses about angels arranged topically.

Truth and Myths about Angels -- What do angels look like?  When people die, do they become angels?  Are there really "guardian angels?"  Who is Michael the Archangel?  PowerPoint   Student worksheet  

Who is "Michael the Archangel"?  Some Christians teach that he is really Christ.  Does the Bible support this interpretation?

Is "The Gospel of Judas" true?

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene?  This expanded reprint from our March 2004 newsletter discusses a few of the many strange ideas presented in Dan Brown's popular book and movie, The DaVinci Code.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus - Did archeologists really find His bones, and bones of Mary and Joseph, too?  

  Do the Latter Day Saints teach the Bible?  Compare Mormon teaching and the Bible's teaching.

Jehovah's Witnesses teach that "there is no hell."  I had a chance to discuss this doctrine with a couple of Witnesses who came to my home.

The Occult   What does the Bible say about astrology?  ...communication with spirit world?  ...ghosts?  ...occult magic?   ...reincarnation?  What should be a Christian's attitude toward these forces?

Justice and Mercy  This is a Bible study prepared a month following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  The study now has a broader application by examining the Government's role in principles of Justice and Mercy.

Thanksgiving Prayer  What is the most often quoted thanksgiving prayer found in the Bible?  What strange things happened when people prayed that prayer?

"Why Hurricanes?"   In 2004, after a summer of four devastating hurricanes that hit the state of Florida, a Gallaudet University professor challenged a group of our chaplains with this question, "Why hurricanes?"   You can read their answers in this reprint of an article from our church newsletter The Mustard Seed

"Landslide!"  As young Lutheran missionary in Papua New Guinea, Jim Herzog encountered some things for which seminary did not adequately prepare him.  One was the very real, dark power of the occult, and the other was amazing greater power of God.  (I had an opportunity to interview Pastor Herzog, during which he told me this story.  I shared the story in a sermon at Chist/Deaf.  At the request of the church members, and with Pastor Herzog's permission, I have posted the story here.  -- Pastor Ron.)

Also browse Biblical topics in our newsletter archive:
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 (Biblical principles for managing money)
God is...
(Attributes of God)
Who Wrote The Bible? (New Testament authors)
Becoming Jesus' Disciple  
A Case for Sexual Purity
Strange Blessings
(the Beatitudes - Matthew 5)
Dare to be Different
Biblical Literacy
Honoring the Name
(the 2nd Commandment)
People in the Bible
Ask Pastor

Luther's SealMartin Luther:
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        Luther's own account about the 95 Theses and his conversion
        Other articles by and about Martin Luther

Articles about Martin Luther's Life:
           "Confused!"  (Mustard Seed, October 2003)
           "Man of Faith?" (Mustard Seed, October 2004)

The Book of Concord -- the official confessional statements of the Lutheran Church  (PDF version)

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How Lutheran Are You?  A fun quiz on Lutheran trivia by Rik Eischen