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Spiritual Gifts

The main Bible texts about spiritual gifts are:

#1.  Everyone has a job to do 
#2.  The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

Proclamation Gifts:
#3.  Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist

#4.  Pastor
#5.  Teacher
#6.  Exhoration (Encouragement)
#7.  Wisdom, Knowledge, & Discernment
#8.  Toungues & Interpretation

Service Gifts:  
#9.  Administration
#10.  Serving (Helping), Mercy, & Giving
#11.  Miracles, Healing, & Faith
#12.  Craftsmanship
         Discerning & exercising your gift

  Proclamation gifts 1 Cor 12
1 Apostle x   x    
2 Prophet x x x
3 Evangelist     x    
4 Pastor     x    
5 Teaching x x x  
6 Exhortation   x    
7 Wisdom x        
8 Knowledge x        
9 Discernment x        
10 Tongues x        
11 Interpretation x        
  Service Gifts          
12 Administration x x      
13 Service (helping) x x  
14 Mercy   x      
15 Giving   x    
16 Miracles x        
17 Healing x        
18 Craftsmanship        
19 Faith x (x)      

This is not a complete list.  The Holy Spirit gives a variety of interest and abilities to people so they can serve Christ in the church and in the world.  Examples of other special gifts:  hospitality, a cheerful attitude, art, music, etc.