Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf
9545 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring MD 20910

Instructions for Thrivent policy holders
to direct their Choice Dollars to Christ/Deaf

"Thrivent Choice Dollars" is a program which allows people who own Thrivent insurance policies to designate a portion of the proceeds of their policies to their church, school, or ministry of their choice (provided the ministry has registered with Thrivent to receive Choice Dollars).

First register online at www.thrivent.com
During registration, Thrivent will send a temporary registration number to your email address. 
Use that number the first time you log in.

It may take few days before the system is ready for you to activate you "Thrivent Choice" selection, because the online system needs time to link with your Thrivent policies.

From the Thrivent Community menu, select "Thrivent Choice."

On the next screen, scroll down and click the red GET STARTED button.

Log in with your user ID and password.

In the next screen, on the right side, you will see how much you have available to donate this year.
Scroll down and enter the following data:
    State:  click the list and select MD
    Organization Type:  CONGREGATION

Click the SEARCH button.

Find "Christ Deaf Lutheran Church."
Click the DIRECT NOW button.

If you want to designate the entire amount to Christ/Deaf, check the box the says "Direct all" and click the SUBMIT button.

A pop up window will appear. Click the box to check it, and click YES.