Faith Sharing Moment...

In the weeks leading up to Easter, our Deaf youth Bible lessons focus on the events of Holy Week.  We spend the entire time just telling the story and giving the students a chance to act it out.  Then we have a separate lesson to review the stories and explain what it all means for us today.

Last year, as I begin the final lesson, I asked the students to summarize the previous lessons.  Jennifer* was the first to respond: "I don't know what happened last week, because I wasn't here."  Her classmates were more than glad to tell her. 

When the students finished telling the first part of the story -- the suffering and death of Christ -- I interrupted them to make the Gospel application.  Christ suffered and died in our place, taking upon Himself the punishment that we deserve for our sins, so that we can be forgiven.  Judging from the discussion that followed, it seemed that some of the students "got it." 

In final minutes of the lesson, we reviewed the rest of the story -- the resurrection. The instant I put up the picture illustrating the gloriously resurrected Christ standing before the open tomb, Jennifer exploded with surprise and delight.  "He's alive!?" 

"Yes, Jennifer, Jesus lives.  And because He lives, you also will live forever with Him.  And His resurrection proves that all His promises that God forgives all your sins are true."

Judging by the brightness in Jennifer's eye and the smile on her face, she "got it," too.
~~ Pastor Ron Friedrich  
*name changed