Faith Sharing Moment...

A member of our congregation whom I will call "Bill" recently attended the funeral of a relative.  During the social time following the service, a nine-year old boy -- also a relative -- asked Bill, "Why do people have to die?"

That is a profound question coming from a nine-year old.  Bill decided to turn the question back to the child. "What do you think?"

The boy guessed that it had something to do with people getting sick.

"That is true," Bill answered.  "But the reason we all become sick and die goes back to our first parents, Adam and Eve."

"Oh, yeah!  I learned about them in Sunday School!" said the boy.

Together Bill and the child told each other that familiar story about the perfect people living in a perfect place, about the evil one who tempted Eve with lies about God, the shame and guilt that Adam and Eve felt after they had eaten the forbidden fruit, and their banishment from the garden. 

The boy thought a while and said, "So, that is why we all have to die?"

"Yes," answered Bill. "But there is Good News."

"What's that?"

"God sent His Son Jesus to be our Savior, so that when it is our time to die, we can live with Him forever.  He wants us to pray to Him and let Him live in our hearts."

Later Bill learned that the boy related their conversation with other members of the family.  Before the day was over, the boy's mother found Bill to thank him for taking time talk to her son about the meaning of death and our hope in Christ.