Faith Sharing Moment...

When Rebecca* arrived at work one morning, she noticed that something was missing from her desk -- her book of daily devotions.  It was a gift and had become a precious treasure.  Rebecca is Deaf.  Her devotion book was written by Deaf Christians for Deaf people who share a common cultural and linguistic experience.  Rebecca could only guess that someone had taken the book. 

About a week later a hearing coworker, Deborah, came to Rebecca to share some exciting news.  "Jesus is my Savior!  I trust Him now." 

"That's wonderful!" Rebecca said.  "How did you learn about Him?"  The question made Deborah uncomfortable.  Rebecca could guess why.  "Did you read about him?"

Deborah's joy turned to embarrassment as she admitted that it was she who had taken Rebecca's devotion book.  Rebecca smiled and said, "Keep it, as my gift to you.  I pray that it will help you to know Him better."

*Names have been changed.