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Gospel by colors
Rev. Bud Palmer

Where to order the Gospel color bracelet
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This is call a GOSPEL BRACELET.  We use it to explain the story of Jesus by using different colors.

BLACK means that all people sin.  We all fall short of God's glory.  We can never come up to God's glory.  What happens when people sin?  They will die.  Death is God's punishment for sin.  Sometimes God also punishes sinners in hell. 
Romans 3:24 -- "For all people have sinned against God.  All people have fallen short of God's glory."
RED represents John 3:16 -- "God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, that whoever believes in Him [Jesus], they will not die but they will receive life forever."
The color red means the blood of Jesus on the  cross.  The blood of Jesus covers our black sin so that God no longer sees our sins.  It is like Jesus stand between us and God the Father.  When God the Father looks at us, He sees Jesus instead.  We are hidden in Jesus.  He covers our sin.  The blood of Jesus covers the sin of all people.
BLUE means faith.  We must trust the blood of Jesus.  Without faith, we cannot be saved.
Galatians 2:16 -- "We become right with God, how?  Not by following the law.  We become right with God by trusting Jesus Christ.
Blue represents faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the blood of Jesus which saves us.
WHITE means that God washes away our black sin and He makes us clean.  Like Psalm 51:7 says, He washes me.  He purifies me. He make my sins snow white."
GREEN is like the color of green plants.  Green represents growth.  When you believe and have faith and become washed clean, then you continue to mature and grow strong in Jesus.  We do that by learning and studying the Bible, receiving preaching, attending church, remembering our baptism, going to the Lord's Supper.  That makes our faith strong and mature. 
Throughout our lives as Christians we need to continue to mature and grow in faith.
YELLOW means heaven.  We and I are not going to hell.  We are going to heaven. Why? Because we trust the blood of Jesus to cover our sins.  Jesus said, "I am going there to prepare a place for you in heaven.  And if I go, I will come back and take you with Me to live with me forever." (John 14:3)   Heaven is beautiful!  There will be no more crying, no more grief, no death, no bad thing.  In heaven all is good.  There we will celebrate and have joy, peace, fun, and true pleasure.  That is represented by color yellow.

When you can explain of the all the colors of the Gospel bracelet, you know the  story of Jesus.