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"I don't know the Bible very well, so I don't feel that I am qualified to discuss religion."

Sometimes people approach me privately and say, "Pastor, I feel a little embarrassed. Other people in our church seem to know the Bible well, but I feel ignorant.  I never learned the Bible while I was growing up.  I feel lost.  I want to learn but I don't know how."

I suggest doing two things.

First, read a little bit in the Bible every day.  It is best to follow a printed reading guide that will suggest chapters and verses to read in the Bible every day.  We offer a couple different daily Bible reading guides on our website.

Also keep a journal of your thoughts, ideas, and feelings while you read.  When something in the Bible touches you, stop and write in a notebook about what God is saying to you in that verse.  Also circle those verses in your Bible, and write notes to yourself in the margin of your Bible.  That way you will be able to find those verses when you want to read them again in the future.

The second thing you can do to help you see the "big picture" in the Bible is to read a Bible story book.  The one I like the best is Egermeier's Bible Story Book (available on   The reason I like this one is because it tells the Bible stories straight.  It does not deviate into interpretation, explanation, or elaboration.  It just presents the facts of the story in clear simple language that is easy to understand.  I also like Egermeier's because it is so complete.  It has over 300 Bible stories, thoroughly covering both the Old Testament and New Testament. 

When we attended Sunday School when were little, we tended to learn random stories from the Bible, but we didn't learn how all those stories fit together.  When we read the Bible's history straight through, we get a clearer understanding of Bible's message.   Notice how we spell the word "history"  -- His-Story.  History is God's story. 

However, if you want to tell about Jesus to someone who is not yet a Christian, you don't need to put that person on hold while you go home to read, study, and expand your knowledge of the Bible.  Do you know Jesus?  Do you love Him?  You know what He has done to save you -- how He suffered and died on the cross to forgive your sins and give you life forever.  The person that you want to witness to doesn't know that yet.  You can tell him and invite him to trust Jesus. 

You can do this!